Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer siding of life

With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot for the use of his song of a similar name...

Well, it's time for me to go on vacation and recharge a little bit. I will be visiting family in Southern Ontario while looking after my daughters, as my wife will be away for professional training. So, it should be an interesting week.

When I return, I hope to have lots of material to share from my travels down south. I also plan to carry on with another post of Summer Observations in Ottawa, not to mention a few more posts about why rolling stock is important. Yes, the Rolling Stock Appreciation Society will resume its meetings shortly.

Also, you won't want to miss my brother's guest post from his travels in Ohio where he ran across some impressive Norfolk Southern freights with some interesting run-through power.

That's all coming up, but first I need to get out of Ottawa and relax.

See you all soon!



Steve Boyko said...

Have a great vacation!

Eric said...

Enjoy your time off, Michael. I will be doing the same, though I'm looking forward to sharing Trackside Treasure's Ninth Anniversary with you and others in the interim.

I'll look forward to the next RSAS session!

AJ said...

Have a good time. Sounds like you picked a good point in the summer to take off as it looks like the weather across the province should be fantastic the next two weeks.