Thursday, January 3, 2019

Looking back and looking ahead

I'm hoping that 2018 was an anomaly for the blog, since I didn't quite follow the usual script. There were quite a number of things I wanted to do, but it didn't work out the way I planned. Since my railfanning was severely curtailed due to life, I had to switch gears quite a number of times and start focusing on issue-based posts, history-based posts and thematic posts more so than I have before.

But in the end, I was happy that I was able to explore new space in the previous year, although I'm not sure I want to neglect my trackside adventures like I was forced to do last year. That said, there were a few moments from the previous year that I really enjoyed sharing with you. The biggest highlight was meeting this CN train in Wyoming in the summer.

I was really happy to catch some CN leased power on this train. And it was an old ATSF warbonnet to boot, which was particularly cool.

Speaking of CN, I did catch up with the Arnprior Turn.

As usual, in Ottawa, one has to often content themselves with Via Rail corridor trains if they want to survive. Even with this plentiful supply of corridor trains, I didn't get out to see much in the preceding year, but I did catch a few things that I was happy to share.

This was a shot from July. This train was bringing my wife home from Montreal after a few days away from the family. You can see a piece of the new Ottawa platforms in the shot.

Speaking of platforms...

And very early last year, I had some fun on the Belfast Road overpass near Ottawa's main railway station. This was my meet with a Via 40-clad P42.

I was also thrilled with this shot of a F40PH-2 pulling a string of renaissance cars toward Montreal. This might be the best going away shot I have taken.

I would mention something about the city's ongoing O-Train Confederation Line drama, but I don't know that there's much to share other than the planned handover of the new east-west line has yet to happen. That means the trains are not running yet. So, instead of sharing photos of the yet-to-be-finished Confederation Line, I thought I'd share this shot of the Trillium Line, with two trainsets about to pass each other near Bayview. I was really happy with how this shot turned out.

Looking ahead, I have resolved to get out there a little more. But I have been working on a number of posts that will explore some fascinating rail history from the Ottawa area. Given how much has happened with Ottawa railways even since this blog has started, I think examining rail history is even more important now.

Stay tuned for some posts regarding the history of the Renfrew Subdivision and a multi-part account of the final days of the Northern Transcon. I've been working on these posts for a while and hope to be able to share them soon.

And, much to my surprise, I found out today that this post is my 275th post for this blog. Thus begins the countdown to 300. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and I wish you the best for 2019!



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Eric said...

Sounds like The Beachburg Sub is beginning the year with a good plan and good intentions. From all of us here at Trackside Treasure (me), here's hoping 2019 will be a year fantastic, filled with family, freight, fast passenger trains, and fascinating history!

AJ said...

Hard to believe it has already been 275 post for you Michael! While I know you were frustrated at not getting out as much in 2018, don't beat yourself up too much as I have to say your blogs on the history or issues-based have been some of the best reads for me. I definitely appreciate the history of the rail in the area since that is a major factor in where we are today (and going tomorrow). Definitely is something worth doing!
Anyways I am looking forward to seeing what your bringing forward in 2019!

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, gents. Whenever I think that this blog is perhaps not all that worthwhile, I read the very generous feedback from readers. It reminds me that there are stories worth sharing about railways, even up here in Canada.

Eric said...

Whoa. Not worthwhile? That's one thing I actually like about blogging. It's hard to judge the worthwhileness through the eyes of others because a blogger never really knows everyone that his blog is reaching. So if it's worthwhile for you, it's very likely others are enjoying it as much or more, as AJ wisely said.

Imagine yourself like that Ri-COLA guy...look how far his voice reached and he had no idea how many there were down on in those valleys hearing him!!


Michael said...

Not to worry, just idle thoughts on a mid-winter's morning, Eric. These thoughts might make for a great Gordon Lightfoot song, but they sometimes don't translate in the online world. The act of writing is always worthwhile to me.

So instead of Ri-cola, I will just say BEACH-buuuurg SUB!